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I received an advance copy of <i>Scenes from My Life</i> from Crown Publishing and would like to thank them immensely. 

Michael K. Williams was one of a kind. He was one of the greatest actors we've seen. He had a huge heart and wanted to help people. He also struggled with drug addiction. I admire his transparency on his drug use and talking about how hard it was to shake it. I'm so sad he wasn't able to over come it and that he is no longer here because of it. 

I loved reading about his early life (bullies suck!) and his relationship with his mother who at times didn't sound so nice but I know she was trying the best she could as he was growing up...a lot of things were difficult to read including when he got the cut on his face. 

He took on a lot of hard roles and he would put himself into them 100%. Thankful I got to watch him in one of my favorites Boardwalk Empire and Lovecraft Country. I still haven't gotten through the first season of The Wire (don't judge) but plan on restarting it soon since this is what really put him on the map. 

I hope he is at peace and knows how many lives he helped. Sending love to his family and friends. I was tore up when I heard he passed last year...I can't imagine the pain those that knew him feel to this day. 

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