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Scenes from My Life: A Memoir by Jon Sternfeld, Michael K. Williams

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“Heavier than the blood in our veins, are the stories we inherit about ourselves”

This book is so hard to read/ listen to knowing that ultimately he lost to his demons. It’s heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to find the peace he deserved in life. But I think that ultimately that’s part of the gift he’ll always leave with us. This tragic story of an imperfect person who spent his life trying to find his voice and space, while simultaneously struggling. It’s a portrait of the ups and downs of healing, and how it’s not linear. And it serves as a reminder that you can never get too comfort in your healing, remembering there’s always more. And I think the gift for him is that now he has this beautiful legacy of complex and compelling characters that helped reshaped Black identity as seen on film. He’s left behind this legacy of lives he impacted directly. And with his life and memoir a reminder of how we can do more within our communities. And he’s given a multifaceted view of addiction, humanizing it in a way many Black folks are never afforded. His final, public, words being words of love and encouragement. 

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