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dark mysterious reflective tense medium-paced


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adventurous dark mysterious fast-paced


Lady Mechanika continues to be the reigning queen of comic book fashion, in my humble opinion. This is one of my favorite series in terms of art and ambience. Give me supernatural mysteries and steampunk any day of the week.

Something I think this series does well is giving each volume its own flavor and complete plot. You can see one of Lady M's investigations from start to finish and get some sense of closure. This volume introduces vampires and not only takes Lady Mechanika to Spain but also tells a vampire hunter origin story in Mexico, where an Indigenous woman takes on Spanish vampire invaders. In Lady Mechanika's timeline, she learns about vampires while attempting to help a gay young man who is suffering at the hands of his parents and the Church. *minor spoiler: things end well and in high romantic, paranormal splendor for Alejandro and his vampire lover, and we love to see it.*

Despite the standalone capability of the volume, I also love the connections to previous adventures. We see Lady M struggling with a decision to help a friend in the previous story since it was ultimately unwelcome. Here, she tries to be more careful of others' wishes and be open-minded about supernatural beings to learn from that experience. We also see a tie-in to her past with La Dama de la Muerte.

Basically, this is an auto buy series for me. Always excited for more.

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