Before There Were Three: Angel & Dante by L.A. Witt

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Out of Focus is part of those books, that I wish I had time to re-read because the story of Angel, Dante and Jordan left its mark in my reader’s mind and heart. So when I found out there was a prequel, I had to read it and boy did I love it!

I must admit I didn’t remember how much anxiety influenced Angel’s life (hence why I need to re-read Out of Focus), and in this prequel it is quite a central element of the story line, but Dante’s full acceptance of Ryan/Angel state of mind and Angel’s constant struggle to push his own boundaries just to make Dante happy are the ground for their love and for a relationship strong enough to accept and open up to Jordan.

It was wonderful to read how their relationship started, how some traits of their personalities and link where present from day one and became the ground of their life together.

Now I feel even more compelled to re-read Out of Focus with the insights gathered in this prequel. However, I agree with the author, and strongly suggest to read Out of Focus first; it may sound strange, but LA Witt managed to write a “pre-sequel” and you will fall for Angel and Dante all over again. Enjoy!

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Brilliant book! Loved how it was framed as them telling Jordan the story.

Great origin story and lovely to hear SSC being touted again as they learnt BDSM.

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Twas cute

I dunno, maybe its me but I don't like menage stories where focus is on a couple. I know that this was a prequel, but it wouldn't make sense without reading the first one.