Secrets of the Human Body by Chris van Tulleken, Andrew Cohen, Xand van Tulleken

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Chris and Xand Van Tullken are some of my biggest inspirations, from "operation ouch" to "trust me, I'm a doctor" and even to "second opinion", I absolutely adore the twins. Not only because they're the doctors I aspire to be, but because they're insanely smart, friendly and inspiring. So imagine my excitement when my local library had their book, I nearly screamed!
I've been anticipating "Secrets of the human body" since I discovered its existence and when I finally got it I immediately started reading.
I read it for Zoë's Christmas readathon, and I'm so glad I just got to sit and binge read it. I learned so much about growth, learning and survival, lots of interesting facts and got to learn some little things about my favourite twins.
I truly recommend this book if you are interested in the secrets your body has been keeping from you, or you just adore the Van Tulleken twins like me!

Love Lucy x

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informative medium-paced


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challenging medium-paced


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funny informative slow-paced


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This is an interesting book.

Obviously, there’s structure to what they wrote and listening to this brought so much wonder.

There was many topics I didn’t know about or even know the biology of common experiences. This book honestly just invited me to be curious about my body and the way it supports me on a daily basis.