Sub Zero by Matthew James

waheela's review

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The book started out okay them it got worse and then just boring.

I didn't like how everything got kind of over explained in the endless inner monologues. Because of that not only found I the characters bland but began to dislike them.

Yes, im not in doubt who the good guys are or the super heroes...or the villain.

The plot itself could have redeemed the book somewhat but it didn't. Again everything got spelled out. And the 'monster' was disappointing.

In the end I stopped caring about what would happen around a quarter into the book. Skimmed the rest of the book because if not I would probably not pick it up again.

However, if you are not annoyed by the writing style like me, then it is probably a decent book.

mrbouncy's review

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Terrible writing

The writing and characterization are terrible. Every character is a cliche. It read like a little kid telling you a story they don’t quite remember.

cathepsut's review

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Oh my goodness, the writing is ridiculously bad.

Bad grammar, odd changes in tense, endless waffling without relevance to the action taking place, logical errors in the plotting, unrealistic characters, repetition... Where was the editor? Or a beta reader?

I am willing to overlook a lot in my popcorn creature features, but I can‘t read this, sorry! DNF at 21%. Yikes.