Atomic Robo: Atomic Robo and the Temple of Od by Scott Wegener, Brian Clevinger

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I love the depths Clevinger and Wegener explore through characterization. From the long life of the titular Robo through every secondary and ancillary character, the body language and dialogue really define the strength of the series. In addition, there are historical tidbits and scientific theory that are completely organic to the story of Robo trying to stop some ambitious soldiers in getting their hands on some tech.

This edition of Atomic Robo takes place just before World War II and you really don't need to know much about the previous volumes to enjoy this story.

If this is your first read of Atomic Robo, you should do yourself a favor and explore the back catalog.

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Atomic Robo in 1938 trying to rescue a Chinese physicist from his kidnappers.
And "ghost bandits."
And the Russian Army.

Oh yeah. And his ex girlfriend is there, too.

Yes, of course it was fun.
And of course there are horrible plans where everything goes wrong.

But I think that my favorite moment was a single panel that was made to look like the cover of Action Comics #1.

It's Robo. If you've read his stuff before, you know what to expect.

If you have not, this story can be read without previous knowledge of his adventures. Reading the rest helps, of course. But you can pretty much understand what's going on without any of the previous books.

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Another volume of Atomic Robo has been read! While the jumping around from place to place (being Japan, China, and Russia) had me a bit dizzy, the ending was so worth it! Set just before the start of WWII, the magnificent writing and artwork will keep you entertained. Recommended!