This Lullaby, by Sarah Dessen

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I love Dexter and how he is always so happy and every thing will be ok kinda guy. I love how he helped her become more human and LOVE!

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emotional hopeful lighthearted reflective slow-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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This is such a lovely book, featuring a sweet romance between two teenagers. It's a little hate to love, a lot opposites attract, and just a really good story overall. Remy is one of my favorite of Dessen's protagonists because she experiences such character growth over the book. Yes, she's a brat, but that's the point. She's a realistic teenager who has a lot of growing up to do, and does a fair amount over the course of this story.

I will say Dexter's behavior at the beginning made me uncomfortable. The guy who doesn't take no for an answer really makes me shudder, especially when he's told explicitly and repeatedly to back off. But those issues faded and I really enjoy this.

The cast of characters is also great. It's interesting to read this as an adult and have my opinions change, like with Jennifer Anne. Remy really hates Jennifer Anne and as a kid, I did too. As an adult, it's funny to me how similar they are in many ways.

I do think it suffered a bit from having such a large cast of characters and wasn't able to delve deeply enough into all of them (Jess in particular got the short stick, despite being a great character), and I kind of wish there were fewer just so more time could be allotted to them. But all in all, a really fun read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys contemporary YA romance.

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funny lighthearted reflective medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? It's complicated
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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emotional funny hopeful lighthearted relaxing medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Plot
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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reading this again 13 years later as an adult …….. dexter is annoying 

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Rating: 3.5

The best part of this book was Dexter. What a sweet, clumsy, angel. I've got to be honest, the beginning was far too cheesy for me and so it took me a while to get into. As always though Sarah Dessen ends the book in such a way that makes me look at my own life and makes me want to give love a chance. I guess it's why even though her writing style is admittedly cheesy as all hell haha, I am still drawn to her stories. The conversations between Remy and her mother, particularly towards the end really spoke to me.

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This will be the last Dessen I review for a while, on account of the fact that I have reviewed all but one in my personal collection!

This Lullaby starts off introducing Remy, a rough-around the edges, no-nonsense senior who had just graduated from high school. She can't wait to start her freshman year at Stanford and get out of her small town, as well as out from under all the responsibilities of taking care of her mother. Remy's mom has been married four times, not counting Remy's father, and is just about to get married to husband number five. A hopeless romantic, her mother thinks this will be the last time, but Remy doesn't want to stick around for the practically inevitable. Remy is the opposite of her mother in the romance department. She knows what she wants, has high standards, and isn't going to let herself get carried away. Right after graduation, as she plans on dumping her current boyfriend, Remy finds out he's been cheating on her. Though it makes her angry, she shakes it off- she's still gotten what she wanted, just not how she wanted it. But then, there's Dexter.

Dexter is immediately enamored with Remy. Despite her hard shell and determination not to date musicians, he isn't giving up on her. Remy keeps trying to stay clear from him, but they continuously bumping into each other, and he is persistent. Then one bad night, Dexter comes to Remy's rescue. What she thought was in her past rears it's ugly head, he comes swooping in, despite Remy's drunken protests, and offers up an out from what could have been another terrible mistake. Not understanding exactly why, she decides to break her own rules and starts dating Dexter. Even though she's enjoying his company, she makes sure to maintain her distance, not wanting to jeopardize her departure for college come fall. Dexter, however, isn't making it easy.

Remy starts to realize that even though she's hardened her heart, Dexter may be the one who can soften it. It's a little young-adult-corny-trope, but yet again, Dessen writes convincingly enough to bypass that knowledge and fall headlong into the story. It's cute and clever, and the reader does get invested in what is going to happy between the main and supporting characters. Overall, I'd say if you're a fan of the author's work, this is another adorable read from her that I'd recommend.

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One thing I've noticed is that Sarah Dessen likes to refer to things, ideas, and people used in her previous books. This becomes more noticeable in her newer books. These are the things I've found refer back to This Lullaby.

That Summer:
Also set in Lakeview
Casey sends Haven letters on pink stationary with silver ink. Lissa's soon-to-be roommate writes to her on pink stationary with silver ink.

Someone Like You:
Remy goes to a party in the Arbors; the fancy area where Ginny Talbot lives in Someone Like You.
Remy works in the Mayors Village Shopping Complex; the place where Milton Market is. Milton's Market is where Scarlett and Haley worked in Someone Like You.
In Someone Like You, Scarlett and Haley go to Zip Marts all the time. Remy and her friends frequent the Zip Marts too.
Scarlett Thomas used to date Remy's brother Chris. Remy's boyfriend Dexter's friend John has a crush on Scarlett. Scarlett is the manager at the place he works at.
Also set in Lakeview

Keeping the Moon:
Colie lives in VA with her mom. Truth Squad announces that it has just come from VA

Corinna and Dave rent a little yellow house. In This Lullaby, Truth Squad rents it.
Dave works at the Quick Zip Mart. In This Lullaby, Remy and her friends are always at the zip mart
Also set in Lakeview.
Boo and Stewart teach at the U, while Caitlan's Dad is dean of students. U is where Lissa is going to college
Rogerson was a pot dealer, Chris used to sell pot in This Lullaby.
Rina moved to Lakeview from Boca Raton. Lissa's to be roommate Delia is from there.
Remy goes to a party in the Arbors; Caitlan does in Dreamland too.
Caitlan plays quarters, Remy does too.

The Truth About Forever:
Stella reads the romance novel, The Choice. This is the one Remy's mom, Barbara Starr is writing in This Lullaby.
Also set in Lakeview
Delia is Macy's boss. Lissa's to be roommate is also named Delia.
Macy plays quarters, Remy does too.
Sherman from Shreveport is supposed to be Macy's date, but a drunk loser. A drunk loser named Sherman hits on Remy.
Macy always directs people to the bathroom, Barbara does it when she is at the toyota fair.
Jason's parents are professors just like Lissa's parents.
Jason and his dad talk about the recent elections in Europe. In This Lullaby, Jennifer Anne tries to talk to Remy and Chris about them.
Lissa's going to U, Caroline went there too.
Macy also celebrates the 4th of July.
Macy goes to the Quick Zip like Remy and Co.

Just Listen:
Annabelle goes to the club Bendo with Owen. Truth Squad is playing, and Remy happens to be there too.
Clark and Rory wear Truth Squad shirts.
One of the CDs Owen gives to Annabelle has the Truth Squad's songs on it.
Also set in Lakeview
Annabelle is raped, Remy was too.
Male model who gives Annabelle his number goes to U. Lissa is going to attend U.
Mooska is in the Mayor's Village Shopping Complex. This is where Remy's work is also located.
Remy goes to a party in the Arbors; the fancy area where Annabelle lives.

Lock and Key:
Remy and her friends are always at the Zip Mart. In Lock and Key, Ruby goes there as well.
Heather Wainwright has a Jump Java coffee. Jump Java is where John Miller worked at.
Cora helped Barbara Starr with her last divorce.
Also set in Lakeview
Reggie sells vitamins in the mall. In This Lullaby an old boyfriend of Remy, Anton, sold vitamins in the mall.
Truth Squad rents a little yellow house. In Lock and Key, Ruby and her mom are living there.
Ruby has a friend that lives in the Arbors, the Arbors is where Remy and Co go to a party
Lissa is is going to U. Cora and Jamie went to U; Ruby, Gervais, and Nate are going to U
Nate has a "No Eating in the Car" rule like Remy.

Along for the Ride:
Auden's parents are both PhDs. In This Lullaby, Lissa's parents are PhDs. as well.
Auden's mom teaches at the U. U is where Lissa is going to college.

Whatever Happened to Goodbye:
Guy next door to McLean goes to U; McLean herself attends U. Lissa is going to U.
Dave takes classes at the U. Lissa attends U.
McLean gets a coupon for Jump Java. Jump Java is right across from Remy's work and where Scarlett and John Miller worked.
McLean's mom reads romance novels. Remy's mom writes them.

The Moon and More:
When Emmaline was feeling stressed out over Theo, she goes to Jump Java to clear her mind. Scarlett and John Miller worked at Jump Java in TL.
TL takes place the summer before Remy goes to college, just like Emmaline.
Lissa's going to U, Emmaline will be going there in the fall as well.

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This was okay. There was something about it that bugged me. I understand why things happened the way they did but I just wasn't really into some of it and I didn't really care for how long it took to end the way it did. I can't really explain without spoiling it, I guess. Not horrible by any means, just not one of my favorites of Sarah Dessen. I liked Remy and I understood why she was the way she was with her 'relationships', so that didn't bother me. I liked Dexter, the love interest well enough but I feel like we didn't to really experience their romance/love story WITH them, as opposed to just kind of observing bits and pieces. The ending was too abrupt for me after all the drama that we had to go through as readers, when Remy and Dexter had problems. And then the stuff with her mom's marriage kind of annoyed me because I saw it coming from chapters away and it felt unnecessary.

I think it might be my mood, though. I'm PMSing and that affects how I feel about certain types of books when I read them.