Doctor Who: The Apocalypse Element by Stephen Cole

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dark tense fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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Doctor Who audiobooks are always a good way to pass the time. This one is no exception.

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brings the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn - clearly one of the great pairings of Doctor Who - to the back-story of the Gallifrey audios (and a sequel of sorts to The Genocide Machine). Negotiations on a Time Treaty between Gallifrey and the other time-travelling powers are at a climax, Romana as President has been missing for twenty years, and of course it turns out that the Daleks are behind it all. OK, poor old Gallifrey has been under siege so many times now that it is surprising the place is still standing, but I really enjoyed this one - everyone seems to be on top form, and I begin to believe those who say that Colin Baker's performance in the audios shows what a great Doctor he could have been on TV, if he had given better material to work with.

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What the hell did I just listen to? This made zero sense.

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Sixie and Evelyn. Check. Daleks. Check. End of Everything threatened. Check. Romana. Check. Gallifrey. Check. Wait. ROMANA??? Oh hell yes. This is the kind of stuff I most like to see Big Finish taking on: a story too big and crazy for TV, with a side bonus of providing a good helping of back-story to the modern series' favorite trope: the Time War. Loved it.

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Ok, let's get the nerdy stuff out of the way... This story marks the return of the wonderful Lalla Ward as Romana. Yay! This story tells of the event that starts the Time War so often referenced in the new series. Neat! This is the second of the Dalek Empire saga which eventually spins-off into a separate audio series. Useful! This explains why the Doctor is NOT half human. Nobody cares anymore. This is the third of the Sixth Doctor's adventures with Evelyn Smythe, and they are adorable. Awww!
I don't much care for splody Dalek stories. Like the Cybermen, when it gets all splody, they are reduced to being generic militaristic bad guys. There's not much to them anymore. That said, their plan in this story is surprisingly complex and, well, for a while, splody is pretty fun. But then the story commits three narrative no-nos that I just can't truck with anymore. They introduce a magic wand (the gems), they forklift the techno babble like they need it to breathe and they bend over backwards, irrationally, to explain a small bit of continuity (Eye of Rassilon/Doctor doesn't have a human mother). Eventually the consistent battery from these clunky devices wears away at the fun you thought you were having and it turns, a little, into a headache.

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adventurous dark funny tense fast-paced