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I don't know who demanded a DC Looney Tunes crossover (apart from Time Warner, who owns both properties) but I'm glad this project happened. The trade collects Bugs Bunny and The Legion Of Super Heroes, Marvin The Martian meets Martian Manhunter, Lobo meets Wile E Coyote, Wonder Woman meets The Tasmanian Devil, and Batman meets Elmer Fudd.

The final story by Tom King, [a:Lee Weeks|61317|Lee Weeks|] and [a:Byron Vaughns|4082959|Byron Vaughns|] is five, possibly six stars out of five. You might not know you needed this noir in you life, but you did. You really did.

The [a:Steve Orlando|7214373|Steve Orlando|] , [a:Frank J. Barbiere|5740317|Frank J. Barbiere|], [a:Aaron Lopresti|17476|Aaron Lopresti|], [a:Jim Fanning|705956|Jim Fanning|], and [a:John Loter|585617|John Loter|] stories with Marvin The Martian and J'onn J'onnz is also a masterpiece.

There is nothing inherently bad about any of the stories in this collection. I just can't be bothered to read more than four pages of any story involving the Legion Of Superheroes or Lobo, and the Wonder Woman/Tasmanian devil story just didn't appeal to me. The art in every story is masterful, with the main stories being done in DC style art from various eras, but with backups in the style of classic Warner Bros.

I recommend this book for people looking for a bit of ridiculousness in their superhero books. Fans of Looney Tunes and/or DC, mash-up enthusiasts, and any one who had the pleasure of hearing Neal Adams read the Batman/Elmer Fudd story on Youtube and thought "I need to own that book."

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funny fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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This was a lot of fun. This features a series of tales featuring two accounts of particular pairing. In each case, one is told in the DC Superhero style of artwork and story and then there’s a second story told in the Looney Tunes style and artwork. Buggs Bunny meeting the future super quad was entertaining, particularly the editor’s commentary but it was unfortunate that the Loony Tunes story was just a retelling of the original. Both stories for Marvin the Marian meeting Martian Manhunter were great. Wonder Woman meeting the Tasmanian Devil was an interesting idea that perhaps went on a bit too long. Wil E Coyote swapping places with Lobo was by far the funniest and my favourite pairing in this book. Batman and Elma Fudd took a brilliant Film Noir style approach with a bar full of humanised Looney Tunes. Then followed the ever brilliant Duck Season sketch, but this time it’s Bat Season!

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A fascinating & funny collection of stories most likely put together by bored Six Flags employees.

- Martian Manhunter × Marvin the Martian
- Wonder Woman × Tazmanian Devil
- Jonah Hex × Yosemite Sam & Forghorn Leghorn

The rest are just very odd ideas with strange premises of incorporating Looney Tunes into the (somewhat) grounded reality of the DC universe. Some are wonderfully tongue-in-cheek, and others are massive stretches.

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This is a silly mash-up of different Warner Bros. universes which is mostly enjoyable. As with all things of this nature it is uneven, but a pleasant diversion overall.

The stories come in two flavors: the first being a comic in the current style where the Looney Tunes characters visit the DC universe, the second where the DC characters go to the Looneyverse and are drawn in a cartoony, Carl Barks style.

The first story has Bugs Bunny meet the Legion of Superheroes. I definitely preferred the second version over the first. 4 stars versus 2 stars.

Next is the Martian Manhunter v. Marvin the Martian. Those were both fine, and, like the Bugs Bunny story, required few changes between the two styles. 3 stars each.

Then we have Wonder Woman and the Tasmanian Devil. Again, 3 stars each, although I really liked the art in the DCU story.

Following that we have Lobo with Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, with cameos by Sam the Sheepdog and some others. DC = 3 stars. LT = 2 stars.

Then we have Yosemite Sam (with a side of Foghorn Leghorn) teaming up with Jonah Hex, the most natural pairing of the bunch. If Sam were just an ordinary character, the story still would’ve worked. Take out the Yosemite Sam-isms and it plays like a regular Weird Western, although even the giant rooster would be a hard sell. 4 stars. The LT follow up is also good, also 4 stars.

The big finish is Batman and Elmer Fudd, with DCized versions of Bugs Bunny, Porky and co. The DC side of this was pretty great, reminding of the fun old school Mad Magazine or Cracked magazine tales that were pseudo-serious, like a noir Howard the Duck. 4 stars. Unfortunately, the LT entry was the weakest of the bunch, barely making a 1-star effort.

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20 stars for the Elmer Fudd chapter

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funny medium-paced


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If you love DC and Looney Tunes this is def for you. I happen to love both franchises that WB controls and this was just the treat for a dude like me. I am also a sucker of crossovers of all kinds. When franchises decide to mix lore for fun, I get super excited. This was full of laughs, action, grit, and great artwork. Honestly, it's too much fun to miss, just don't take it too seriously. I can't decide which comic issue I liked best to be honest.

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This is so much better than it had any right being.

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Meh ... a handful of DC/Looney Tune pairings that seemed ... forced. Not really funny, not really thrilling, not really any of the things that give either universe it's strength.

I liked Wonder Woman and Tasmanian Devil pairing just because of bad ass Taz; Batman and Elmer Fudd was adequare noir atmosphere but the story was whatever; Lobo and Wile E Coyote was probably the best of the bunch, mostly for the W.E.C. origin parts; Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam worked better than one might think.