Doctor Who: Relative Dementias by Mark Michalowski

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adventurous dark emotional funny mysterious medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


The idea of exploring dementia through a doctor who plot (particularly with the 7th doctor) was what drew me to this book. It is touched upon in some interesting ways, but ultimately wasn't as intrinsic to the plot as I'd first hoped - I wanted some deeper emotion/moral exploration, and to spend much more time on the concept of time lord dementia that the blurb suggested.  To make it clear, this story was enjoyable, it just could've been even better given the initial premise.
There are some interesting concepts, action and imagery going on here but I didn't care too much for the plot, and the guest characters are fine but none stood out much. However, there was some cool time travel shenanigans that made things more interesting and provided some good character exploration regarding the secrecy and strain on the Doctor and Ace's relationship.

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2002 novel, set immediately after Battlefield, involving alien invasions, UNIT and an old people's home. There is a decently complex alien behind it all, and a nifty bit of timey-wimey manoeuvring at the end, but I felt it was fairly average. The Seventh Doctor / Ace relationship is nicely reset to the Season 25 status, this after years of development through the Virgin New Adventures. It was Michalowski's first novel - I've enjoyed his later work more.