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I loved this book so much. As is probably evident by the fact that I started it yesterday and finished today, and scarcely put it down in between.

Oddly enough, I almost stopped reading it entirely after the second chapter because it was very graphic and bloody and it bothered me a lot, but I really liked the premise of it so I kept reading and HOLY CUCUMBERS I AM SO GLAD I DID. (But if you are going to read this book be advised that there is a scene involving graphic descriptions of self harm and attempted suicide, and mentions of scars and post-self harm throughout the book. Also mentions of an eating disorder.)

This book has so many important messages and themes and I think that I learned a lot from reading it. It changed my outlook on a lot of things. I think it's kind of strange how this book made me feel more positive about my life, but it did. It also made me want to become a DJ. I was already kind of interested but now I'm like YES PLEASE GET ME TURNTABLES STAT AND TEACH ME EVERYTHING.

I only knew Elise for a short time but I really knew her. Because I am her, in so many ways. Trying so hard to fit in and relate to "popular" kids that it does more harm than good. And I think that's why this story gave me hope: because things work out for someone like me, so they could work out for me as well.

"'I don't believe that anyone who is a legitimately interesting person can be popular as a teenager,' Mel went on. 'Or ever, maybe. Popularity rewards the uninteresting.'"

Some other points:
• Elise had divorced parents and it was so normal which I think is great because her family wasn't perfect but it also wasn't a central point of the story that was causing her stress. It was just casually there showing us different family types and I thought that was great.
• On a somewhat related note her parents were hella cool
• I loved the romance in this story I am SQUISH.
• Give me more please?? I was satisfied with the ending and all but I just don’t want to leave this behind and also I will gladly read about what these characters are up to forever.
• Also, a book set in Rhode Island?? Sign me UP I live there. And it wasn't like a "Rhode Island book" with like oceans and beaches it was just like normal realistic life which was wonderful. They never actually mentioned it was in Rhode Island I just recognized all the towns and streets like a #nerd

I got so swept up in this story and this world and these characters and it was just so BEAUTIFUL.

Off to stalk this author because I love her writing and I think she's fantastic. Also to listen to the suggesting listening list at the end of the book because throughout reading it I was like this music looks bangin' and now here it is so I'm going to go do that.


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morganperks's review against another edition

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challenging emotional hopeful reflective sad fast-paced
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


tw: self-harm, suicide, bullying

I liked watching Elise become more comfortable at START, learn how to DJ, and figure out who she wanted to be. I also like seeing her make real friends. Elise’s parents sucked. They only noticed their daughter when she did something wrong and they literally got mad at her for being bullied. Also, her school friends were annoying and refused to believe her. The age gap relationship was not the move. That makes it sound like I didn’t like this. I did. I think Elise learned to
A. screw high school bullies
B. real friends will accept you for who you are

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