The Counterfeit Crank by Edward Marston

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Review - There seemed to be so many counterfeits in this one that I wasn't entirely sure who the title is referring to! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed seeing what could have happened in Bridewell and the corruption that invaded all aspects of life. I do feel sorry for Nicholas Bracewell, who always seems to take the worst of the punishment for Westfield's Men, but keeps getting into scrapes to help people - he is a character to admire. This story is well-written and makes you think.

Genre? - Historical / Crime / Mystery

Characters? - Nicholas Bracewell / Lawrence Firethorn / Margery Firethorn / Owen Elias / James Ingram / Richard Honeydew / Edmund Hoode / Barnaby Gill / Anne Hendrik / Alexander Marwood / Dorothea Tate

Setting? - London (England)

Series? - Nicholas Bracewell #14

Recommend? – Yes

Rating - 18/20

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The troupe has a new author, as their regular writer Edmund Hoode has come down with a mysterious illness.