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From grim misogynistic dystopias to domestic violence very much in the here and now, this book delivers exactly what it says on the tin. While some stories unsettled more purposefully than others, those that hit their mark did so very well (Cat Sparks, Kaaron Warren and Stephanie Lai all contributed stories that have stuck with me, belated as this review is).

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This was great! And horrifying, obviously. All the content warnings apply, as you might expect from the description. Most of these stories don't deal with splatter or gore horror so much as a deeper horror - horrendous inequality situations, sexual violence, animal abuse, and very messed-up societies; with a smattering of fantasy to change up the mood. And I finally read Wives. Nearish-future climate apocalypse Australia, where the government is dismantling and becoming replaced by the criminal Cartel. Where women are so rare that they become property again. This was way too believable. Brrrrr.

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This book is an entry in the Aurealis Awards for 2016, for which I am a judge. Any review will be withheld until the results of the awards are announced.