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Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells

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Occasionally when I plan to come back to a book, I actually do. This is one of those books. Although to be fair, I gave up on it not because of the book itself, but because the audiobook was so quiet that even on max volume I couldn't hear it over the background noise at my job. When I put it down, I knew I hadn't given the book a fair chance, so I told myself I'd pick it up again in a different format. 

And I'm glad I actually did. It didn't grab me immediately, but I wanted to at least get past the setup that I attempted to listen to via audio. And by the time I got through that, the world grabbed me and the inciting incident had gotten the actual story started. 

This story starts out really simple. Maren is perfectly happy to play second fiddle to her bold, brave, adventurous girlfriend, and would really rather stay in her mountain village instead of traveling the world. Kaia gets very little characterization besides being bold, brave, and adventurous (and Maren being deeply in love with her). I appreciated the rich descriptions of the village, but I really wasn't connecting with any of the characters. 

Then Kaia got taken and Maren decided she was going to steal a dragon, and the story really started to pick up. Maren's straightforward plan goes sideways really quickly, as it turns out stealing an entire dragon is not as easy as it seems. Plus there's a whole lot of other stuff going on, and the reader gains awareness of it as Maren does. What starts as mild racial tensions turns out to be a whole anti-imperialist rebellion. What starts as a simple steal-a-dragon quest turns into learning the truth about how the emperor deals treats his dragons and those who care for them. What starts as a simple goal to rescue a girl taken by the Aurati eventually reveals the significantly darker reality behind the Aurati as an institution. 

I blazed through this book in two days because it's very good. The world is well-drawn, I love dragons, I love the unique and creative way dragons are managed in this world. Maren herself is a great character who does some fantastic growth, and I love the way the slow revelations about what is actually going on are revealed in parallel with her growth - the more Maren comes out of her complacency and takes risks, the more both she and I learned the truth of this world. It was just very well done. Plus, you know, it's hard to go wrong with dragons

I didn't realize going into this one that there's a sequel, but I'm glad there is. There's definitely more adventure to be had here, and I want to see where it goes. And of course no YA fantasy featuring a rebellion is going to be complete until the rebellion is done. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. 

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