The Complete Roman Army by Adrian Goldsworthy

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challenging informative slow-paced


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This is a wonderful book with a lot of useful information in it. It’s a must have for any ancient world collection.

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This is a very good, moderately more then surface level review of the Roman Army during late Imperial times. It did have a lot of data I hadn't seen before. It included bits and pieces about the day to day life and the uses of certain equipment, what happened after their service, religion and even what they did off duty.

It isn't as in-depth as some older works, but it is written to make it easier to understand. It also isn't something to be read like a novel, it has a lot more in common with a coffee table type textbook. The art is great though, the writing flows smoothly and I found it pretty nice.

It does give somewhat of a short shrift to the Roman Navy, to the early years, and the end years of the Roman Army. However, those are such different periods with different focuses that it might be for best not trying to cover them as well in more detail.

If you like stuff about Rome and the Roman Army, I definitely recommend this.