Abundant, Exalted, Immeasurable by Pasanno Bhikkhu

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informative inspiring reflective fast-paced


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There are some books I study as if I had to write a thesis about them, and there are some that I just quickly read through and rather let my heart decide what intuitively resonates. Here it was the latter. Chiara picked up this book, free for distribution, in the Sumedharama monastery in Ericeira, Portugal. Following the Thai Forest Tradition, this center belongs to the Theravada school of Buddhism, which tends to be the most conservative and "lowest" of the three vehicles (Hinayana (= Theravada), Mahayana, Vajrayana). Therefore I came with some bias, but I was delighted to once again see that there are many things to learn and to nourish the heart in literally everything. Openness is wholeness. It's so beautiful.