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I love Chris Riddell's illustrations and his take on famous sci-fi aliens is amusing, I ran out of time and the will to finish it as I found that the text was targeted at a different age level to the ones that I tend to prefer reading, but my 9 year old daughter loved it.

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This was fantastic! In every sense of the word.
My first Chris-Riddell-only book and it was funny, entertaining, beautiful, nerdy, ...

This book is about how to spot an alien invasion by giving information on different species, androids, and between those we get chapters about weapons, food, the good, the bad and the ugly (no kidding, that's the name of a chapter *lol*) and the best part about it?
The book has some fold-out pages, mini-books attached to the pages and even a little card game!
All the illustrations are detailed and funny and gorgeous as ever.
Some of the aliens seem oddly familiar too (especially to Doctor Who, Alien or Bruce Willis fans) which makes this a little treasure box for nerds like me.

If I can, I'll buy the second one as well (they are rare in the meantime or really expensive).