Things Unseen by C.J. Brightley

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A 1984 vibe with a supernatural twist. This was an interesting tale of humans and fae that definitely leaves you with a cliff hanger at the end making you want to see what happens next!

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With the trend in YA Fantasies shifting in a direction that isn't my taste, Things Unseen was a life saver. It's pretty different from some of the fantasies I've been reading. It's refreshing. Opening it up I wasn't sure what to expect being told that it was a Christian Fantasy. Being brought up with a super religious grandmother I was prepared for reading about Jesus at some point, yet I didn't really come across anything religious throughout the novel except for the mentions of bibles. Unless I missed something (I wasn't really looking for themes and symbols so I probably missed it). Nonetheless, that isn't what should be important about this book. What is important is how much action and suspense there was that made every single moment of this book interesting. I'm willing to push aside the fact the first chapter was kind of hurried and choppy because the interest and suspense of the first chapter just pulled me in. It was good compensation.
The use of sensory imagery in this book was also splendid. I was able to feel what characters felt and see what characters saw (granted I live close to where this book takes place so I suppose it was easier to imagine the landscape). The ability to relate to characters was also a good move. It helped me a lot with falling in love with them faster, being able to relate with feelings, and especially Aria's thought process.
Also, brownie points for this interpretation of the Fae. It frustrates me especially with letting people read excerpts from my books, especially the ones that include one of the main supporting characters who is a Faerie and they interpret him like he's Tinker Bell and I'm just like "No????? ?? ? ? ?" I guess it's just a bias. I don't think of Fae as in wee little ones who just throw around magic and fairy dust. I think of Fae as tall and strong wielders of magic who can still resemble humans with diversity. I guess I just agree with this interpretation... Still, kudos.
And the way the magic is written. It's just. Ugh. So awesome.
The plot was really interesting and the interaction with the characters kept me from putting it down. I blew through this book in about a week. The love story that slowly developes is also well-written and not overpowering to the main plot. Aria's infatuation with the love interest is so adorable and it doesn't take up her whole entire thought process yet it's so sweet how the love shapes her actions and the care for his people. I can't wait to see what becomes of it in the second book.
Overall, it was very inspiring and it makes me want to push through writing my novels faster.