Look Both Ways, by Jacquelyn Mitchard

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This was as good as the last book, which most sequels can't say. The mystical was more heightened in this book, and it tied in well to the first. Mally got more of the ending this time, making up for Merry getting all the glory in the last book. But I can't imagine what Mitchard is going to do for the third. There isn't any foreshadowing that I can see, and the whole David thing is wrapped up more, so how can it be even more wrapped up unless the third book has nothing to do with the first two?

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Second book in the series, it was darker than the first (The Midnight Twins) and I enjoyed most of it more that the last one. I wish that the third one would come out soon!

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Look Both Ways by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Even though the Midnight Twins trilogy is just that — a trilogy, book two of this series is NOT a filler book, like most Book 2's tend to be. In fact, I'd say that the roles are switched. While book one spent a ton of time explaining Mally and Merry's discovery of their powers, they don't really USE them until past the middle of the whole book. Look Both Ways really gets into the nitty gritty of their powers. While adding even more fantastical elements. Shape shifting. Those two words right there made me like this book a whole lot more.

In Look Both Ways, the "midnight twins", wait, pause, I must ramble on about something random. I just have to say, the whole concept of identical twins being born in two minutes apart yet in different years — one a minute before midnight on December 31, one a minute after, is one of the MOST EPIC ideas I have ever read. I think that society on a whole has a fascination with twins, but when they're birth years are different and they have clairvoyant powers, that just makes it even better. Okay, back to the main point.

The midnight twins, Mallory and Meredith Brynn are still the stars, but the story also has the spotlight on another character: Eden Cardinal. Eden is briefly mentioned and rushed over in the first book, and we can't help but wonder more about this mysterious figure, who seems to be one of the only friends of the more introverted Mally. In the second book, our questions are answered. Eden, is a real life exemplar of some of the most ancient and esoteric Native American legends. Legends that she grew up hearing because of her own heritage. She's a medicine woman, a shaman, and a mountain lion. And she's just fallen in love with a guy she can't be with. In other words, her life just got a little complicated.

Mallory and Meredith are hoping that the past events involving their visions and the death of David Jellico, won't happen any more. They're hoping that these "powers", these "gifts" have just faded away. It's wishful thinking of course. Soon they're entangled in a mystery involving Eden, one of Merry's best friends (Kim Jellico, who's life has turned a 180, and she's now using drugs and hanging out with the wrong sorts of people), and the cheerleading squad. Weird? Yes. Intense? Yes. Crazy? Yes. But that's the Brynn Twins lives

This series is definitely growing on me, like my fondness for apple pie...(Hey, don't blame me, blame the sweet tooth). Sure it might not have the best ratings on Goodreads, but that's because Jacquelyn Mitchard's way of writing, is definitely, different. The dialogue between her characters is sort of odd, but I found it more amusing than anything. I loved the random chunks of humor and wit.

So I recommend this book to anyone who's in the YA section, looking for something fantasy, but also something cleaner and less "dark"!