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I enjoyed this way more than I expected to. I didn't think I'd really like the parallel storyline which takes place back in 1943, but actually it kind of balanced out the character of Bucky very nicely, because sometimes it feels like Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, and Captain America 2.0 are three totally different people, whereas here you get more of a sense of one man who has just had more than his fair share of shitty luck.

Also, I just love seeing how different Bucky is from Steve. They both have a similar stubbornness, but Bucky has this slightly darker edge and so much more baggage. Not only does he have the pressure of Steve's legacy, which continually has him second-guessing himself, but he's also trying atone for the things he's done, even if he did have no control over his mind when he did them.

What I also really liked was Bucky remembering his friends and catching up with the two surviving members of the Young Allies, particularly how he reflects on the treatment of Washington Jones in the Young Allies publicity and comics in 1943 where Jones is presented particularly offensively caricatured because he happens to be black. Those awful comics are actually included in the volume, and even though I couldn't read them, as I quickly flicked through them, it felt good to know that Bucky Barnes (and no doubt some people even back when they were drawn) would probably consider that rather racist rendering a pile of crap too.