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Another great annual collection from Shimmer, though admittedly I say that with bias as one of the stories in here is mine ("The Atomic Hallows and the Body of Science"). Shimmer has a very distinct aesthetic, sort of gloomy and sad and lovely, and the stories here live up to that, though I did feel this volume had a little less horror and a little more sorrow in it overall than the 2018 volume I previously read. Still there are some fantastic stories in here... I think my favourites are "The Cold, Lonely Waters" by Aimee Ogden, "Extinctions" by Lina Rather, "Dandelion" by John Shade, "Salamander Six-Guns" by Martin Cahill, "Hare's Breath" by Maria Haskins, and "The Weight of Sentience" by Naru Dames Sundar. Lovely work, all of it, and I think it just edges out the 2018 collection for me.