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Eternal Frankenstein is an anthology of sixteen stories, some long, some short, each with its own unique take on Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

While all the stories found within are creative, with each author's take of revival through the horrifying means Victor Frankenstein took to to bring life to his Creature, there are some that I consider my favorite: Amber-Rose Reed's "Torso, Heart, Head," Autumn Christian's "Sewn into Her Fingers," Michael Griffin's "The Human Alchemy," Betty Rocksteady's "Postpartum," Tiffany Scandal's "They Call Me Monster," Nathan Carson's "Wither on the Vine; or, Strickfaden's Monster," and G.D. Falksen's "The New Soviet Man."

And although it was a lengthy read, a special note should be given for David Templeton's "Mary Shelley's Body" for it's beautiful prose, creative, informative plot with its quasi-biography/autobiography on/by Shelley, and satisfying ending.

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I read the first few stories, but found out that this one wasn't for me.