Bloodhoney by Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

bookshelfmonkey's review against another edition

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I was expecting to enjoy this a lot more than I actually did.

This book pretty much picks up where the other one left off. The beginning definitely hints at what's to come but still doesn't spark much interest and is generally pretty dull until it gets started. Once it does get started, the plot really picks up and becomes more interesting. It did however, seem to dwell on some points more than was necessary, making it easy to lose interest part of the way through. I also felt like the way it jumped from character to character was jarring and, due to the fact that the separate plots never really joined, just felt like there were 3 separate stories in this book.

The characters remain interesting, and I enjoyed seeing Eli and Micah's relationship grow and change. Seeing Thrace and Micah part ways was good, as their relationship continued to feel forced and just off. I would, however, just like to see Micah be friends with a female character, instead of them all being romantic interests.

Overall, it was a decent read but had some pretty major flaws.

gen_wolfhailstorm's review against another edition

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I'm sad to say that I'm struggling to really enjoy this series. I can see the potential, but sadly it just isn't for me. This is because I'm still so confused at the history of everything. I think that as Micah was learning about the Weald in the beginning, I, as a reader, should have learnt too, but I did not. I couldn't picture 'wyrems' because I didn't know what 'wyrmes' were; had they compared them to that of a dragon things would have been clearer.
I also think that too much is going on from too many perspectives for me to chronologically follow what is going on.
Alas, perhaps others may have another opinion.

Pick it up, give it a go and enjoy.


goldluula's review

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MICAH! Nooooooooooo!

Can I just say wow? Please? WOW!

Thrace, Micah and Eli have holed themselves up for the winter. But they are being hunted, hunted for a murder. The winter called is calling for them.
After some hard times, Micah and Eli end up at some caves (I forget stuff easily which makes for some really crap reviews). Everything seems happy there - the people, the food and the atmosphere. Despite all of this, Eli is not happy and wants to leave. Micah has to choose between leaving the save haven and continuing with Eli, or staying. Even though the place is perfect, something is still not quite right.

I said it, I suck at reviews. And I'm tired. Just like to say thanks to Stewart and Riddell for another amazing book :)