The Dragon's Tongue by C.J. Brightley

starlitswords's review against another edition

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I didn't get to read this as quickly as i wanted because life happens. This one probably took a week or two longer than it took to read the last one.
The title is really enigmatic to how it intimates to what the story holds, but I think it was really very clever. Just like the second volume from another series from this author, this book switches back and forth between two different POVs every chapter, revolving around two characters and what they're experiencing from both sides of the conflict. I didn't think I was going to like this at first but in the end it was a nice way of portraying the whole story and giving the reader all the information he or she needs. This volume also revolves more heavily on Christianity than the first volume, and there are topics that personally were difficult for me to understand but that didn't deter me. There is also much less action and physical conflict than there was in the volume prior. More rather, this volume focuses more on internal conflict and all that good stuff and I thought that was rather unique. And despite that it still kept me interested (mainly for concern over characters). There was also a lot of character growth and I always think that round and dynamic characters are rad so brownie points for that.
Also, after reading this one, I so want to edit my review of the last book, but I won't. Silly me. You'll find this to be a real good plot twist. I sure did.
This also ended on a cliffhanger and I'm so scared for how the next volume is going to start. I'm way too eager for the third volume.