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Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto

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To say I loved this book- is an understatement. It was such a comical book, and I loved getting to read about Meddy’s relationship with her aunties and her ma. They’re all so close and love each other so much, in their own way. 

Meddy was definitely living a chaotic life. She’s still pining over her college sweetheart, whose heart she broke so she wouldn’t break her Ma’s and aunties (SO SWEET AND CARING OF HER). She’s a wedding photographer who wants to venture out, but again doesn’t want to hurt her aunties and ma, so she stays working for them only. The fact that her dating life was the main topic of the first few chapters, was HILARIOUS. I love what her ma did and it definitely added a TON of comedy for me. 

Her date gone wrong- was such an angering moment. I hated how he was being pushy, and being how he was. I think the chapters about the death before they went to the island, was so FUNNY. The aunties response to the whole thing, was so CHAOTIC, but honestly kind of felt so far out there that it made it funnier. 

I loved the whole wedding chapters, it was so funny and I love how they were so surprising. The little mystery thrown in there was super surprising. I loved it though. 

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