God Made Space by Lizzie Henderson, Steph Bryant, Stephanie Bryant

etienne02's review

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A book that present space with kind of actual scientific facts, but with placing God everywhere. Yes the Big bang happen, but it was cause by God. The sun existed, but it was put there by God. Not sure that putting God everywhere was necessary, but at the same time the scientific facts where respected so that is good point. Mixed feelings with this one!

multiplemeyers's review

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I have two problems with the content of this book. First, the authors mention the Big Bang, which to me is something that people refer to when they do not want to acknowledge God as Creator; they want to believe that the universe just randomly happened. The Bible tells us that God spoke to create the heavens and the earth. He did not randomly create the universe; He had a plan before the beginning of time. Secondly, the authors use the phrase "over a long, long time" when talking about God filling His universe. It is unclear if the authors mean a long, long time as thousands of years or millions of years and perhaps that is the point; they wanted to leave that open to interpretation.

I did appreciate the authors focus on God as Creator and how we can use science to observe all the awesome things He created in space. Also, the experiments and activities at the end of the book look like a lot of fun and I know my kids would enjoy doing them.