Dragon's Rook (The Lost Sword, Book 1) by Keanan Brand

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Dragon's Rook is a wide-ranging fantasy epic. With two kingdoms at battle, the crazed King Morfran is delving into some dark secrets to try and secure his rule. As Captain Gaerbith leads a party to entreat the king, he uncovers more than he expected, and he has to make some daring choices with the lives of his men at risk.

Meanwhile, two orphans in a village are confronted with danger and a risk that could expose them both. Neither of them knows the role they have yet to play in the wider world.

Brand's book isn't a light read - there's great description and poetic flow here. It is an intriguing book, but it is a good mental challenge to appreciate everything going on. I read a lot of speculative fiction, and his fantasy stands apart with both the story and the writing quality. I highly recommend it.