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I loved learning these real stories of trans people living their lives for the trans readathon. They’re young people too and there’s so much we can learn about them and from them. I think that it would help so many people if they could read these stories and See their friends, students or children in them. It’s a great read. 

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betweentheshelves's review against another edition

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This book has really been on my radar since it first came out, but I haven't actually picked it up to read until now. For a banned book club! I appreciate that this is giving a voice to trans teens, and I think the stories included in it are valuable. I also appreciated that the author worked to present a variety of gender identities under the trans umbrella, so that a variety of teens could see themselves in the story.

I noticed that a lot of reviews mentioned that there is a fairly narrow scope for this book, which is true. All of the teens were based in a similar area, and some of the narratives stil enforce gender stereotypes (boys like sports, girls like pretty things, etc.). I think this partially stems from when this book was published. In 2022, LGBTQ+ issues are in the news more than ever (especially as it pertains to the transgender population), and I think people are just more aware of it than before. This book was originally published in 2014, and these issues were being talked about then, but not quite with the awarness that they are now. And I think this is reflected in the stories included in here, 100%.

I honestly wish we could get an updated version of this book, because I think the stories would be sort of similar, but also different. Transgender teens still struggle with a lot of the issues presented in this book, but we might have different vocabulary to talk about it. 

This book is a good start and a good foundation, there's just a lot of potential for expansion. Maybe it will happen in the future!

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tlaynejones's review against another edition

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This collection is weirdly sexist. The stories are supposedly the words of people who are Trans, Enby, or Intersex, and they may well be. However it seems odd that so many of them have been through so much to actualise their true gender, and yet have not examined gendered stereotypes and prejudices in any way. Perhaps the author, who is cis, may have filtered which parts of these stories to include, to fit her own unconscious bias? 
These are also, for the most part stories of profound trauma. Again, I question the author’s choices, as to which stories to include. 
I was uncomfortable for much of this audiobook. I would suggest choosing a book that has been authored by a trans person instead of this one. 

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tenten's review

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it was so interesting to read the different perspectives of each person. most of them were from New York but it was clear that they all had different understandings of being trans, and their experiences even differed from my own. for example, one of them seemed to still have very binary ideals about gender (like stating that despite being a woman, her tendency to get into fights and her confrontational attitude was "pretty masculine",) but no two people are going to think the same, and their cultures and environments will play a role in how they conceive of themselves.
this is definitely a good, interesting book for parents of trans children, and questioning youth who will get to see a lot of different perspectives on being trans.

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