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The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin

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I was hyped to pick up this book as I really enjoyed Foul is Fair when it first came out. What I didn't realise when I picked this up was that it is a retelling of the life of Henry VIII and his wives. This book is essentially what Six would be if it were a book. Henry does feature in the story but it is much more focused on the "queens" and in particular getting to the bottom of an explosion that Annie Boleyn supposedly caused.

I feel like a lot of my brain power reading this book was spent trying to match the characters to the historical people even though their names weren't exactly changed by much 🤦‍♂️ I think this book did a good job of reimagining these historical figures in a contemporary setting. Overall the story didn't hold too many surprises as the two dead queens are the ones that Henry famously beheaded however I did like the fact that 
Henry didn't died at the end of the book but had his reputation left in tatters so it was a social death.

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