After Christmas Eve by Michael Rupured

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I won this book from the author. I have Until Thanksgiving to read also and decided to read in chronological order.
This story is set in the mid 1960's, when the social and legal environment for homosexuals was awful to say the least. A thought provoking story, requiring much google searching for me, but never overly preaching.
The story is Philip's, as he deals with the death of his lover, unsympathetic handling by the police, being a murder suspect and finding new friends.
James's story gradually emerges after his death, and made me feel both very mad on his behalf and  annoyed at him for how he treated Philip.
I enjoyed the murder mystery element of the story, with plenty of clues, red herrings and suspects. And a satisfying ending.
A good read, and looking forward to seeing how Philip has fared over the years in Until Thanksgiving.