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The History of Bees by Maja Lunde

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The characters, as well as the story felt really flat. Many characters were almost comically stereotypical. *mhem* professor John Smith (???). Perhaps Lunde was making the point that universities breed conformity? George is a carricature of the republican rural american, of course he has communication issues. 
And Tao.. well Tao is perhaps the most complex character in this book, and surprisingly her timeline seems the most to favourable to reviewers. 
I would've loved to see Lunde write about norwegian life, or something she has intimate knowledge about, instead of trying and failing to create these characters that don't really further the story, nor the points it's trying to make. Oh! there goes Edmund again, oop! another conversation gone horribly wrong with Tom! Like other reviewers have mentioned, this book could've done with a bold cut-down. Perhaps a few more weeks of editing.
Now, i really liked the depictions of parent-children relationships in this book. This is perhaps the most valuable part of this million-hour read. Again, this is a field Lunde should be experienced in, and it shows! It really does. 

I may bee to harsh, but 2.5⭐️ seem alright, since i love complex characters more than anything else.

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