ninj's review against another edition

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In ascending order:
“Away from Home” by Luo Longxiang, translated by Nick Stember
I think this story was the one that enthused me to read this issue and it was definitely the weakest, just didn't seem cohesive.
“Breathe” by Cassandra Khaw
Short alien underwater scene, a little surreal, but interesting.
“The Universal Museum of Sagacity” by Robert Reed
Ages since I read Reed - this short story felt like a tracking down of a mysterious figure from the past.
“A Heap of Broken Images” by Sunny Moraine
Philosophical post human/alien conflict, not about answers.
“Left Behind” by Cat Rambo
Engaging story about VR mind dives to find out the sort of person a senior citizen is, in order for her to make the cut to become a starship.
“Jonas and the Fox” by Rich Larson
A man hiding out with a family on a planet where the recent conflicts and uprisings leaves things ambiguous as to the history of winners and losers, which side was doing what, and for what reason.
“Tough Times All Over” by Joe Abercrombie
Non-stop rollicking adventure through the lively fantasy city of Sipani as a package is stolen, with a slew of vibrant characters.

pearseanderson's review against another edition

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Really, didn't love this issue. I was listening on audio for the majority of them, so perhaps I can scoff it up to that. Jonas, Left Behind, A Heap of Broken Images, and I guess Breathe were the only things worth reading. The rest I had to stop reading/listening to/it came in one ear and left through the other. Sagacity was so full of itself. Away From Home got lost in translation. Tough Times was too chaotic and busy. 7/10.

thesffreader's review

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I am not going to review this because most of the story were pretty meh or I DNFd them. I usually really like Clarkesworld but this month issue was pretty disappointing...