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And Finally: Matters of Life and Death by Henry Marsh

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And Finally offers much food for thought.
 Author and neurosurgeon Henry Marsh was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer shortly after retiring from his practice.
 I had previously read his book Do No Harm, and thank St. Martin's Press for the gifted copy of And Finally for review.
 Many different topics make up this deceptively slim volume.
 Marsh touches his on his career and overseas work, and experiences in his neurosurgery practice. 
 This contrasts to his account as a patient. He notes the change of being "no longer a self-important surgeon" but a client. 
 Marsh delves into philosophy, neuroscience and cognition, ethics. Existence and humanity, to the cellular level. 
 These thoughts shift throughout to descriptions of his cancer treatments and the science behind them, to preparing for death should that become the case. 
 It reads a bit unfocused at times, but memoirs are what the author wants.
 There's a lot to unpack, and it won't be for everyone. I definitely recommend reading Do No Harm prior to And Finally.
 For release on Jan. 17.

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