The Box of Demons by Daniel Whelan

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The cover of this book is what attracted my attention. The illustrations by Chris Riddell looked so interesting and instantly made me want to find out more. Then I read the blurb and was surprised to find out that the story is set in Wales, which I thought was cool. AND it was about demons and an apocalypse so it sounded right up my street!
I enjoyed the book. The characters were charming and I loved getting to know their different personalities. The take on the apocalypse was interesting, and I was surprised that this book is aimed at children as at some points it seemed quite complex, in a religious sense.
It would have been nice if the book highlighted the Welsh accent and phrases more, as it would really show to the reader where this novel is set.
I have to also admit, that nearer the end of the book, I started to lose concentration and found that I was reading a page but that no information was going into my head. I’m not too sure if this is just because I have other things going on in my head, or if the book was making me lose concentration.
Anyway, aside from that, this book was really good!
I understand where people are coming from when they say that this book reminds them of Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens (which I personally didn’t like).
So if you’re into things like Good Omens, or want more of a simpler version, then this is a good alternative!