American Vampire Bd. 1, by Scott Snyder, Stephen King

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every time i read something written by stephen king i wonder why i made the decision to do that

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I've decided to check out more graphic novels at the local library, and have started going through alphabetically. Which is how I found this series, by Stephen King, Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque.

It's an adult graphic novel, complete with tons of action and obscenities. It's set back in the 19th and 20th Centuries, in - you guessed it - America. It's about a new breed of vampires; the American Vampire, stronger and less vulnerable than the original European vampire.

Of course, the two groups are rivals. Best friends fight each other, and one person welcomes death instead of becoming a monster. It's all very interesting and exciting. The art is great, too - it really portrays the action and danger and monstrosity of the vampires.

But I, personally, got a bit lost and confused with the timeline - there are dates and everything, but I often forget them. And all the different characters got a bit confusing for me, too, but that might be because I didn't have the time to sit down and really focus on the novel.

I'm still planning on reading the next few volumes of this series. It's really interesting, and I like this new breed of vampires. As for the young girl born at the end..... I wonder where that will go! 3 stars.

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Very good for a one shot. Bittersweet.