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Mixed bag. Some great stories, some poor. Worth a flick.

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Bizarro World is a place where the odd sides of Superheroes exist. Wonder Woman dumps Superman for a nerd. The Legion of Superheroes is turned into a cubefarm to cut costs. Aquaman is a down in the dumps hero who works through his pain singing at open-mike nights.

This volume is hard to get into, I almost put it down, but if you push through the initial amusement park story, you will find that there are some clever stories written by some of the more interesting authors out there, including the great Mo Williams.

Pick this one up.

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A joy. As someone who tends to prefer Marvel, it’s a lovely surprise to see this is better than the Strange Tales volumes Marvel released. I think this is because there’s a wild variety of story types here, including some surprisingly serious and dark turns, and due to mixing artists and writers up a little so there are some surprising collaborative turns. I really loved this

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My favourite three stories:

- The Power of Positive Batman (Aarong Bergemon/John Kerschbaum) - Batman goes on break. And Superman ends up being the Joey Potter to Batman's Pacey. :DD

- Dear Superman (Dylan Herrocks/Farel Dalrymple) - Flash wishes the world would slow down for him. Succint, lovely art, and it made my heart ache for the character.

- The Break (Eric Drysdale/Tim Lane) - "You know, we should all just "hang out" more". The JLA go on vacation and have fun. <333333

There were other cute stories, but these three were simple, and managed to make the superhuman human.