Camilla by Edward A. Bloom, Lillian D. Bloom, Frances Burney

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funny lighthearted relaxing slow-paced
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No


Camilla and Edgar are basically the Ross and Rachel of the 1790s - Edgar is the nice guy loser wet-wipe ummmmm kind of guy and you just know they’re going to be together they just faff around a bit too much probably because they shouldn’t really be together because when Camilla/Rachel is good He moves closer, when Camilla/Rachel is ‘not good’ He moves further away - oh the moralising of women is unfortunately timeless but Burney knows who her audience is always did which is why she was so successful 300 years ago - why else did little puritanical Jane Austen love her so much? (If Austen is not a Puritan she has at least engaged with that audience) Burney writes her female characters very well and writes the men as the ‘louder than life’ nonsensical comic fools that they are, the ‘flatness’ of the men fees purposeful, Burney’s writing is never really about the men anyway, she’s almost trying to outdo all of her male contemporaries and precursors who moralised the lives of young women by doing it her way.

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To be read at the Sweeping Sagas group in February 1st.

This book is about Camilla and her sister Eugenia and their cousin Indiana. There is a lot of intrigue and misunderstandings among characters but the plot moves on. It seems there is a great influence from Austen's work into this book.