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Bizarro Comics is really a collection of short comics (some as short as a single page) about various characters/concepts spanning across the DC universe, all written and drawn by different artists. Many of these artists are not typical superhero-book artists, and I thought seeing the DC universe through their interpretations is interesting and refreshing. A comical yet intriguing bookend story starring Mister Mxyzptlk encapsulates the 'bizzaro' comics contained in the bulk of the book. There's quite a bit of meta going on here, but in a light, jesting way that's enjoyable and accessible to read. I especially love stories set in Bizarro world; I know there's a second anthology like this that I would love to read next. The whole idea of Bizarro is so amazingly... bizarre to me - both funny and strange and slightly meaningful, but also slightly meaningless. And if I were any kind of super-geek at all, I probably should have written this review in Bizarro-speak. Me not sorry, Bizarro-Megan hate Goodreads.