Firstborn, by Michelle West

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"he was an outsider too. we were all outsiders, and we made our own inside."

"you cannot prevent pain. you should not cause it, but you cannot prevent it. pain is our forge. it breaks us, or it makes us stronger - and we have need of strength."

"she feels she was give no choice. that is not true. she was given choice. none were good choices. none were happy choices. but they were choices, and she was free to make either."

"the worst enemy one faced was often oneself."

"curiosity is one of my besetting sins, and if i'm not thinking, i don't remember to keep the questions on the right side of my teeth."

"could you give her the choice? what kind of choice is that? choose me and walk away from everything you've ever wanted and built for yourself? it'd be like telling her to choose me over herself. what kind of love is that, in the end? the one where i have to be more important than she is?"

"in some fashion, she is content. at least that is the story i tell myself, but i cannot completely believe it - it is too infused with my desire to be able to do so."

"it was not her problem, and even if it were, she was not its solution."

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If you like big, epic fantasy, with gods and demons, magic and history, and stunning prose, then you can't go past Michelle West.

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Interesting, but not my cup of tea. It was the Mercedes Lackey like cover art that grabbed me, I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover.