City of Swords by Jean Rabe, Alex Archer

laurla's review

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multi-author series. this one written by jean rabe.

annja is investigating a myth for her tv show but keeps running into mercenaries trying to steal her sword. a man who claims to be a descendant of charlemagne is stealing swords for his 'paladins' to fulfill his failed ancestors goal to build the city of swords.

-4 stars, maybe 3. while there is death, it didnt feel like gratuitous death. the cameraman even escapes alive. (some of the authors kill EVERYONE but annja.)

-learned some new insults, maybe. there was a lot of french and romany and some other languages thrown in as well. that got annoying. i dont speak french, i learned spanish in high school.
marie-salope - slut or bitch?
putain de merde - whore of shit?
espace de pute - species of bitch?
scroafa - female pig
brule en enfer - go to hell

-one of the characters has himself chemically castrated with anti-androgen drugs for his religious fervor. *shudders*.

tyrean's review

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A fun, fast read that I found at the library with a sword-wielding, kickin' heroine!