Eliminate the Impossible by Alistair Duncan

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I liked it, but I'm pretty sure I'd have liked it more if I hadn't previously listen to David McGregor's [b:Sherlock Holmes: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Volume One|58546257|Sherlock Holmes The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Volume One|David MacGregor||92005063] and [b:Sherlock Holmes: The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Volume Two|58546289|Sherlock Holmes The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Volume Two|David MacGregor||92005242].

There is a lot of information about different incarnations of the Great Detective and there is also an attempt of dating the stories from the canon using the different annotated editions. It's really interesting reading/listening about it, particularly when it comes to authors who are playing 'The Game'. I love that, I love the playfulness of it and how much effort they put into it :D

All in all, a good book for those who are immersing themselves into the vast world of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

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It's no secret that I am a Sherlock Holmes fanboy (you just have to look at my reading list to see that) but once I decided to re-read every story I had this book right by the side of me. It is a handy cross reference detailing the synopsis, themes and potential theories behind each tale, plus the editorial error and inaccuracies that plagued them. - it really doesn't mince words.

A lot of groundwork is covered in the Sherlock Holmes universe but reading this gave me a number of ways in which the long category of adventures could be interpreted, in fact there was many things I hadn't noticed before until I read it.

There's also a nice little appendix listing all of the screen portrayals from the beginning to the very latest (at the time it was written) which has broadened my interest in his movie exploits.

It really made the reading experience sweeter and that much more familiar to me and I would certainly recommend it to fans and scholars like myself.