The Black by D.J. MacHale

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dark mysterious tense medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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D. J. MacHale definitely took a twist to this series. Instead of having the second book continue Marsh's story, we get the same story, but from Cooper's point of view. This could have gone either really wrong or been very cool. Fortunately, it went more towards the cool side.

It was really interesting to hear Cooper's side of the story. It explained things that were left unexplained in The Light. I think, of the two characters, Cooper had the more exciting story. Which is understandable, given that Cooper's story is much more cosmic and large-scale.

During the first book, I didn't get to know Cooper very well, simply because he was, well, dead for most of it. Now that I've gotten to know him more, I definitely like him. He's got a sense of humor, yet he's brave and determined, if a bit foolhardy ( I talking about Cooper Foley or Bobby Pendragon? Or both? What if they're the same? I wouldn't rule it out....).

Between Marsh and Cooper, though, I still prefer Marsh. Probably because more of Marsh's emotions hit home, for me. He's a more relatable character, to me. His personality and mine seem very similar, which I appreciate. I mean, how often do you read about creative-minded logical introverts? Um, almost never.

I like the cosmic turn that this series has taken. It's suddenly gotten much...bigger. I like that. Hopefully MacHale can build it up even more in the final book, and finish it off with a spectacularly epic ending.

I think I might've seen Loor in this book. One of the Watchers, I do believe, was described as an athletic African-American young woman with a long braid. Hm, I wonder who on Earth in Halla that could be... I'm on to you, MacHale!

I did find a typo. Can you find it?

Can't find it? I'll help you out:

I'm going use this as an opportunity to rant about the horrors of apostrophe misuse. Ladies and gentlemen, APOSTROPHES DO NOT MAKE WORDS PLURAL. Don't do this: Kid's don't think. No. It should be: Kids don't think. Did I use an apostrophe in "kids"? No. Every time you make this mistake, you make a puppy cry. So don't do it.

Ahem. Apostrophe rant over. Anyways, I liked this book. It didn't display what I call the Middle of the Trilogy Syndrome, which is good. A strong second trilogy book is a must. Can't wait to read the next one!

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I enjoyed this book a lot.
It was wayyyy better than the first book.

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This was a great book, and I loved how things meshed with the first book, with having all new things, and it was just really good!

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I love how the author creates such a complex storyline throughout an entire series! This book is basically the first book told from the point of view of Copper Foley. You get a better understanding of the events in the first book and are introduced to new characters. Just awesome :)

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´╗┐It's been a while since I last read a D.J. Machale book. The last one I read (Morpheus Road, The Light) was awesome and is on my favorites list. You can see my review if you click the handy little link over this word.

I've said it many times before. If you haven't read something by a certain author in a while, you forget just how good they are. I read the Pendragon series a few years ago. Those books are great. But, it's been a while since I've read them and, being now thirteen, I've grown as a reader and writer. Opinions change. There are many books that I tried reading a few years ago and hated them. I pick those books up now and I think to myself, "Was I insane?!" because they're just so darn good. But (Yes, there is always a "but" with me, isn't there?) my opinion on D.J. Machale books has not changed in the slightest. I still believe that this author knows how to write a great book!

The first of the Morpheus Road series was told in the point of view of Marshell Weaver, a nerdy kid who doesn't really have that much of a life. His dad is out of town a lot for work, and his mom died when he was very young. The book revolves around his haunting, for lack of a better term. The Light is a thriller, with many scary themes. It's sequel, The Black, is somewhat less scary and focuses more on Cooper Foley's afterlife. The point of view is Cooper's and I must say I enjoy reading from this guys point of view. Whereas Marsh is uptight, slow to grasp what's going on around him (This isn't criticism, that's just his character) Cooper is quicker to believe what's going on and that means he will cut to the chase faster. There was a lot more action in The Black while The Light was more tense and kept you guessing what'll happen next. Separately, both these books have some pros, some cons. Though, when together as a series, these books make for some mighty fine reading.

This book is released on April 19. When I got it in the mail, I just about died. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration seeing as I wrote this review, but it was an awesome moment. I started reading immediatally, and finished the book within the day. I recommend the Morpheus Road series to anyone who has read Pendragon or anything else by D.J. Machale. Also, if you haven't read Pendragon but are interested by this here review, it'd probably be a good idea to read it. Just sayin'.


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This book was a vast improvement to book 1. I'm this close to loving it but there were minor problems, though nothing as deflating as how book 1 was. The new characters and their stories here were far more compelling though Damon, our villain, still felt a little cartoonish, bland but I can't deny he had a very intriguing background. Was not expecting the whole ancient Greece thing, that definitely added richness to the story. I especially enjoyed getting Ree's perspective and it only proves D.J. MacHale could write adult fiction and it would be so amazing. There were a few recycled plot points and mannerisms from previous books but nothing too bad. Writing wise, it wasn't as clunky as The Light but there were two glaring typos there but it's no NBD, as Marshall's dad would say. My only complaint was how sanctimonious it could come across and how I'm disappointed there's a hell equivalent coming from Pendragon and Solara where stuff was explained so differently and better, like the mythos there is better, but I digress. Really tho, I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much it was so hard to put it down and stop for anything else until I finished. It made me feel the magic again. Can't wait to read the conclusion now.