Parallel Visions: A Teen Psychic Novel by Cheryl Rainfield

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Loved the book & read it in one sitting. A fast-paced and gripping read, PARALLEL VISIONS addresses issues like domestic violence with sensitivity and emotional honesty. As with Cheryl's other books, SCARS and HUNTED, I was immediately pulled into the story and immersed in the main character's world from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

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I, um, see things. Visions -- when I have an asthma attack. I know it sound crazy, but I always have -- and they always come true...

For as long as she can remember, Kate has had asthma -- triggered so harshly by so many things that she is frequently rushed off to the hospital, completely unable to breathe. And, for as long as she can remember, Kate has had visions. These visions are sometimes things in the past -- somethings events in the future -- but, the problem is that these visions always seem to come true. Sure, Kate has tried to intervene, to stop these terrible things from happening, but she never has any luck in convincing anyone that her visions are true and real!

Lately, Kate's asthma has been especially bad, so lately the visions have been extremely frequent and vivid. In the latest visions, Kate sees a classmate's sister committing suicide by intentionally overdosing on pills. At the same time, Kate sees her sister Jenna's husband, Mason, abusing his wife so horrifically that he ends up killing her! There is no way that Kate can allow either of these tragedies to happen, so it's time to convince SOMEONE that she can see the future -- before it's too late.

I really did have loads of fun with PARALLEL VISIONS, mostly because the author managed to grab my attention immediately on the first page and keep me hooked right up until the conclusion. I especially loved the visions and storyline revolving around Jenna, and I think the author did a fantastic job dealing delicately but honestly about a brutal and painful situation -- domestic violence. She also tackled other weighty topics, like rape, sexual identity, bullying, and suicide, without ever having the story feel heavy or unbearable. The additional of the links for support groups and further information at the end of the e-book was especially responsible and may provide a necessary starting point for anyone who identifies closely with these situations.

I only had one minor thing at the book that made it less than perfect for me, and that was the relationship between Gil and Kate. Although I did adore the characters and appreciated how candid and thoughtful they acted towards one another through the story, I think the progression of the romantic aspect of things felt a little rushed to me. To be fair, it's probably very realistic that teens in such a dangerous, adrenaline-filled situation would actually end up falling more quickly in a relationship, but I think I would have liked to see things slow down a bit on that end.

So, I only have one question left -- is this, indeed part of a series? I noticed a #1 beside the title on Goodreads, which leaves me a bit hopeful. I would really enjoy seeing more of Kate, Jenna, and Gil if the story were to continue in the future!

If you love fast-paced young adult fiction with a paranormal twist, I don't think you can go wrong with PARALLEL VISIONS. It's quick, it's fun, and it's currently only 99 cents on Amazon -- so go for it!

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Kate's been having asthma attacks since she was little. But they're not normal asthma attacks. They trigger psychic visions of things that have happened, and things that might happen. Kate is determined to save the people she sees in her visions, but at what cost? Cheryl Rainfield wrote a fast-paced story about trust, abuse, and the lengths some people will go to in order to save the people they love. While I feel like there were too many major issues in such a short space that they weren't all as fully developed as I would have liked as a reader, I do think that readers will be drawn into Kate's world to root for her and her family, and Gil and his family, as they battle the demons that keep them from moving forward.

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This is a good, quick read. Like with Scars, Parallel Visions sucks you in right away, and before you know, you're at the end wishing there were more pages to read. I think what I liked the most about Parallel Visions is that the book showed a clear amount of research into asthma on Cheryl's part. I also liked the connection between Kate and Nana. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series.

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Full review and videos at my blog Much Loved Books

I have already read Cheryl's book Hunted, so when she contacted me about reviewing her new book, Parallel Visions, I jumped at the chance.  Not only did the synopsis sound interesting, but being an asthmatic myself, I was also curious to read about how an attack brought on visions.
As soon as I began reading I was hooked, watching Kate struggle through asthma attacks and having unwanted visions from them was truly interesting, and each vision gives her a glimpse into things that would happen, but struggling to breathe as well as trying to figure out what the visions mean is not easy, and each time she figured it out I cheered for her.  For me Kate was easy to relate to.  While she suffers worse than what I ever have, I could relate to some of her problems, not participating much in sport is one that I can attest to, however mine was more a blessing in disguise as sport isn't really my thing.  I did feel sorry for her being the 'sick girl' and missing out on a lot of school doesn't make high school life any easier than what it is.

Gil was a surprise that I didn't expect, but soon liked him for how he treats Kate and is there for her, wanting to help even if it's a life or death situation.  I admire him for this friendship he offers Kate, and while there is a hiccup over something Kate chooses to do, he doesn't hold a grudge.
Kate is a strong protagonist, while forcing her asthma attacks puts her life in danger, she continues to do so to ensure that her family and friends are safe, and while part of me thinks this is stupid to do so, to put her own life at risk for others, I do admire her strength and courage to do this, with no thoughts for herself.

Parallel Visions was a quick read that took about an hour to finish, but had me gripped from the moment I began reading, right up to the last page, with some nail biting moments about whether Kate or another would survive.  It's the first instalment in what I hope to be a great series, and I can't wait to see what is next.

Throughout Parallel Visions, Kate practises origami in order to relax herself, and there were a couple of links at the back of the page to two things she makes.  I have tried a few origami things already so I can't wait to give these two a try.

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Parallel Visions is short. Real short. As in barely-past-short-story. I received an e-copy and it was a mere 60 pages.

Judging from the countless glowing reviews on goodreads, I seem to be in minority with this one, guys. I wanted to like it, but I have multiple issues with the story.

Taking place over the course of three days, Parallel Visions tells the tale of Kate, a teenage girl whose asthma attacks bring on terrible psychic visions. Two startling episodes reveal a classmate's suicide and her sister's abuse and with no one else able to witness her visions, it's up to Kate to save both girls.

Parallel Visions tried to do so much in such a short amount of time. We have a budding romance, deadly asthma attacks, hospital visits, an estranged sister and her abusive husband, a rape victim, bullying, depression and suicide, sexual identity, I could go on. Even with a full-length novel this would be considered overkill.

The story opens with Kate having an attack during gym. When gorgeous Gil rushes off to grab her inhaler, Kate has a vision: a girl who resembles Gil plans to kill herself by swallowing a handful of pills. Kate focuses her concentration and realizes this vision is still three days away. As Gil walks her to the nurse, Kate asks if he knows of a depressed girl and then tells him about the vision. Upon hearing of his sister's future attempt at suicide, Gil says "Crap. That's only three days from now." No shock or mad dash out of school and to his sister.

Kate also has multiple visions of her sister Jenna and sees her suffer through beating after beating. When she tries to ask Jenna about it, Jenna simply shrugs it off and her parents don't believe Kate actually has visions.

I can see a heartfelt message if I squint a bit: there's help out there for LGBT teens and abuse victims. However, the writing and pacing are so haphazard it's hard to make sense of anything.

In the end, everyone is happy, loving life and everyone around them. Gil's sister no longer wishes to harm herself and Jenna leaves Mason. Gil and Kate are in love and it's happy ever after for everyone involved. After extremely traumatic bouts of depression/beatings/asthma, the ending was presented so nicely I had a hard time believing it.

Unfortunately, this was not the book for me.

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I see a connection to Cheryl Rainfield's second book, HUNTED. That sci-fi predicts a time when everyone accepts that some people have extra-sensory powers, but unfortunately, these people are hunted (!) and persecuted. This e-book could be a prequel -- setting up a world where people slowly must accept the supernatural powers of's just s short jump from accepting the existence of the powers to the suppression of them. In this short novel (#1? That would be great!!) we meet Kate, a young girl who desperately wants to be normal, whatever that is, but she suffers from life-threatening asthma. BUT when she's having a full-blown asthma attack, often she also has visions of what could happen in the future. Unfortunately, no one believes her.

But Gil does. When she describes his sister, Inez, contemplating suicide, he doesn't hesitate or argue. He believes.

Unfortunately, her family doesn't when she tries to warn them about her sister's husband, Mason...Mason -- charming, controlling, bright. Mason, who, in Kate's visions, brutally beats his wife Jenna. Jenna denies the abuse, but her eyes won't meet Kate's as she professes Mason's innocence.

We, and Kate, learn why Gil believes: his beloved Nana is a psychic. She recognizes Kate's powers, and she offers to help her control them.

For, in triggering the visions, Kate must trigger the dangerous asthma attacks that could kill her.

Suspense drips off the e-pages as we KNOW Mason's evil intent through Kate's eyes. We see how her attempts are marginalized and ignored...will it finally be too late for Jenna? For Kate? For Inez?

Rainfield draws people we know and love...or know and hate. She creates characters we care about, and situations that keep the heart racing.

And in the back of my mind, I keep wondering if she's laying the groundwork to connect these pieces with the world of HUNTED...just my guess. Doesn't matter. This short, stand-alone novel is great!