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It's always difficult to know the best way to review anthologies, do you review the individual stories or the book as a whole or even both? Well here's my version, first the anthology as a whole, I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend. the anthology is a great way to try authors you may not have read before. There were a few of the stories I didn't like that I thought leant too much towards a horror theme for my personal liking. I did however, enjoy well over half of the stories. The anthology is well put together and I think has something for most people.To review the individual stories/novellas I have decided to rate each of them out of 5. I would look at other books by the majority of the authors in the anthology, though more eagerly at some than others. I will admit to being a hard scorer in that i don't give a 5/5 unless i absolutely love the book.
Headless Homecoming by Andrew Katz ~ Initially the title put me off as I don't really like the knights of the round table type of stories but this was okay, once you got into it! The low score is more a personal taste issue than how the story was written. Would I pick up a full length novel by this author? maybe. So it's 2/5
A Scarlet Night by Megan J Parker ~ This was a classic Vampire type story, with a different twist on it that I did enjoy. I liked how this story flowed, loved how the author wrote.Would definitely look at other books by Megan J Parker! So it's 3/5
The Bones For You by Char Hardin ~ This one was really different, being buried alive, though it also had a religious edge to it. I don't normally go for things with lots of religious content/reference in it but, I did enjoy this. I would look at other titles by Char Hardin. So it's 3/5
Whispers From The Darkness by Jana Boskey ~ This had references to the true life mate concept, and fae myths which was good mixture. I really enjoyed this one and definitely will be searching out other books by Jana Boskey. so its 4/5
The Faery Hunt by Alexia Purdy ~ This one involves the Fae again, its well written. It has one of the characters making a sacrifice to save her brothers...hmm I wanted to read more of it really. I already have another full length title by Alexia Purdy on my kindle to read and review. So it's 4/5
Breakdown by Bonnie Bernard ~ I don't want to give away too much with this one. It's very well written and I really did enjoy reading this one. Definitely on the look out for more by Bonnie Bernard. It's 4/5
The Full Wolf Moon by LD Ricard ~ As suggested by the title this one is a werewolf story. The life mate concept is mentioned in this story as is the pack concept. Again, yes I enjoyed it, but I wanted to read more and more. So LD Ricard is firmly on my authors to watch out for list. It's 5/5
His First Snow by Linna Drehmel ~ An angel type story. A tale from the light. It had a moral hidden in there too. A good short tale really, difficult to say more without telling the whole tale. Yes I will take a look at more Linna Drehmel book as I enjoyed her style of writing. It's a 3/5
Dementria's Task by Amanda Browning ~ This tale has demons. Again difficult to say much without giving too much away. It's Eerily good! Another author on my look out for list. Definitely want to read more by Amanda. So 4/5
Blood And Soil by William Greer ~ This is really is a good suspense does have Nazi soldiers in it too and is set at the time of oppression and war. I enjoyed the suspense, the oh no what will happen now aspect of the tale. Would consider more books by William Greer. It's a 4/5
The Darkon Prophecy by Linna Drehmel ~ This one is a tale from the dark. Again I enjoyed Linna's writing style which makes the tales so easy to read. Another 3/5
Death Becomes Him by MR Murphy ~ This tale concerns the living impaired. A guy that has not passed on. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has to protect the women he loves... A brilliant tale, loved it. Wanted to read more! Looking out for more MR Murphy. It's 5/5
Dark Faery Reflection by S J Thomas ~ This tale is eerily, creepy, maybe leaning a little to the horror genre as well as including the fae elements of the tale too. I did like reading this even though I would say I do not read horror. Would consider more titles by S J Thomas so long as they weren't horror! So 2/5
Spider Whisperer by Lisa Goldman ~ Another one that had lots of horror type elements in the tale. I read it okay. It was a bit spooky and creepy, not really my type. Would I read more by Lisa? ...maybe 2/5
The Kiss by Jenny Phillips ~ a girl learns her true identity of a succubus......A strange man she's never met offers her help, should she trust him?.... It was okay, the ending was the best really. this could be a spin off novella. There could be a series of books about the succubus - those I would like to read! So looking out for Jenny Phillips? Yes. 3/5
Goddess Of Death by John Hansen ~ Another Demons tale. This one about demon possession, and demon masters. Okay tale but not really my type of thing. Would give othe titles by John Hansen a look over. So 2/5
The Flaming Vengeance by Linna Drehmel ~ This is an unusual tale of a prophecy. Would love this to be a novella so I could read more about "the green eyed one" Linna is definiitely on my watch out for list! It's a 2/5 for this one.
The Miller's Daughter by Stefan Ellery ~ Oooo Spooooky, a ghost/haunting tale. A bit leaning to horror again though I did like this one too. Good short tale. Read more by Stefan Ellery? Would take a look. So 3/5
The Transformation by Ruth Barrett ~ I wasn't at all sure on this one , a bit odd for me.... Would I try more by this author? dunno, probably not It's 1/5
Open Your eyes and See by Naomi Bonthrone ~ Again a bit odd and weird for me...sorry another dunno, probably not on reading more by this author. So 1/5
First Boy by Dennis Harpe ~ This one is more horror, I don't like horror. It is very well written though.
Read more by Dennis? sorry not if horror So 1/5
Alba by KR Jordan ~ This one, I also did not get along with. It felt very Americanised to me, so not been American, perhaps I missed some of the points being made. Read more by KR Jordan? probably not So it's a 1/5.
And a Score out of 5 for the whole anthology...hmmmm ..... would have to say ...4/5! I have certainly found some authors that I would like to read more of!