The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 6, by Jonathan Strahan

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Like most anthologies, this book had stories that grabbed me and stories that were more of a slog to get through. Overall i enjoyed this book and had fun poking around at all the current tips of stories.

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As with any anthology, the reader won't connect with every story; some will seem like space-fillers and others will be gems enjoyable to discover. For me, this one contained too few gems and too many that I simply didn't enjoy. There are 31 stories in this 589-page book. For a handful, I couldn't even tell why they were included -- there seemed to be zero elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Quite a few others, either I never understood what was happening, or nothing ever happened. Some, it seemed, were simply poorly written. I'm surprised this book won awards.

The stories I did enjoy include: All That Touches The Air, by An Owomoyela; The Server And The Dragon, by Hannu Rajaniemi; Malak, by Peter Watts; The Paper Menagerie, by Ken Liu; and Digging, by Ian McDonald.

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The Case of Death and Honey - Neil Gaiman
I'm a bigger fan of Gaiman's graphic novels than his fiction but I really enjoyed this story of Sherlock Holmes in China - and there are bees!

The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees - E. Lily Yu
This was one fantastic story. A kind of fable. And written by an undergraduate student to boot. I am so looking forward to reading more by Yu.

Tidal Forces - Caitlin R Kiernan
After two great - and bee-related - stories, this one's scifi/fantasy component was a bit more subtle. But it was interesting. And complicated.