Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield by Karl Kwasney, Ann Hood, Scott Altmann

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In the continuing saga of 'I'm reading these books completely out of order!' was this one, finally! Book one! This one wasn't my favorite book in the series that I've read thus far, but that's probably actually good news because it just means the books get better as they go on! I just found Maisie to be really, really annoying. Though I can understand her PoV since she is only 12 and going through a lot of things. I would still recommend this book and this series (now that I finally know how they found the treasure chest and how they ended up at Elm Medona!) 4 out of 5 stars. Still a good, good read and am looking forward to the next one in my pile (which is number 5, Crazy Horse >.>).

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Maisie and Felix are twins who recently moved into the Elm Medona, which is a mansion that has been turned into a museum. Maisie is an adventurous girl who loves to break the rules and Felix on the other hand thrives on following the rules. The twins discover a room in the mansion that can send them back into time. That is when they have the adventure of a lifetime. To be honest I was not a fan of this book, I thought that this book was very slow paced and had way too many details. The book also had no tension or conflicts to propel the story forward. I was not drawn into this story at all, there was not a lot left to the imagination and the adventure itself was not very interesting. This book was also labeled as a science fiction book but to be honest I thought it should fall under the category of historical fiction instead I think that I would recommend this to a student who likes to read about historical things, but I think this book would be too slow paced for most grade school students to enjoy.