Succumbing to Gravity by Richard Farnsworth

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Succumbing to Gravity is one of those debut novels which ends up being an enormously pleasant surprise. With fleshed-out, sympathetic characters who sometimes seem to have more flaws than positive attributes, and strong, confident writing, this extremely entertaining, and visual, book kept me reading cover to cover and enjoying what I read. I'm not a big plot-rehasher, but in short, a heroin-addicted fallen angel named Greg has spent centuries licking his wounds and crawling into whatever drug-induced hole he can find, until he is suddenly faced with protecting a woman under attack from his "fallen brothers" who plan to use her to open a portal from hell. Sounds over the top as I write it, but never once did I roll my eyes thinking, 'oh please.' It's a sign of a great author to imbue a sense of belief, of realism, into any horror novel (the book doesn't confine itself to the usual horror tropes, though, there's loads of action scenes, police procedural, and an overall spiritual theme throughout). Farnsworth has entered the turbulent fray of publishing with a solid, exciting read, and I'm looking forward to his next.