Freezing Point by Karen Dionne

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Not bad ... Premise was good but many things left undone.

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This book, is bad. Like really really bad. I started it in 2017 and put it down after a few chapters and forgot about it, until recently when I was going through my Currently Reading shelve on Goodreads. So I decided to read it to get it off my shelve. But I wasn’t going to write about it. I was going to let this one go into the donate pile to be forgotten about. But yesterday me and my Boyfriend started talking about this book, and now I have to comment on it. This book is about a water company that wants to melt icebergs using microwave technology. So they plant a bomb on an iceberg in Antarctica, and then they go down there and begin to start melting the berg. There’s a group of scientists on the other side of Antarctica and they are just doing research when all of a sudden everyone starts getting super sick. The story just gets more convoluted as there are man eating mutated rats that are trying to kill everyone, but the rat poop has the cure for diabetes but that’s also why everyone is getting sick and dying because they are drinking the contaminated water. Its the most confusing and insane story I have ever read. But of all the things I read, I had to know if there were mutated rats on Antarctica, because that made the most sense to me. Spoiler: there are no rats on Antarctica. But this was such a source of contention with my boyfriend that I even looked it up. In my defense, it seemed plausible that rats could have come over on explorers ships and mutated into carnivores (eating penguins when humans weren’t around). More logical than controlled microwaves melting icebergs anyway.

Don’t read this book. The plot is nonsense, the characters are forgettable, and the story is confusing. I gave it a 2/5 stars but I was being generous because of the discussion it sparked with my boyfriend (who is now getting my copy of this book so he can read it).

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The setting was mastered beautifully. Such detail, and the action was spot on. Enjoyed the plot, and especially the thrills. Enjoyed questioning the motives of each of the characters. Felt Zo's character got a little inconsistent at one point, but it came around nicely. I liked it well enough to read the next book, and that's a big point.

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Week 43 of the 2017 Reading Challenge: A book with a chilling atmosphere (scary, unsettling, cold).