Catify to Satisfy by Kate Benjamin, Jackson Galaxy

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10/10 awesome book for figuring out how to make your home more fun and welcoming to your feline family members! Some of the images shown are of fancy HUGE homes with clear dedication and money thrown at catification, but some apartment/small home solutions are shown as well. Loved seeing what is possible!

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Got loads of inspiration from this book!

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While I didn't read every page, I read significant portions and looked at every single picture. It was not the most professionally laid-out, and not always the best photographs, but certainly a wealth of information. I learned new things about my cat's behaviour; in fact, this book convinced me that we do not have enough room in our apartment for a second cat- with their needs for their own space and smells. We'll just have to spoil the one we have!

The projects suggested look absolutely delightful for our furry friends but I will not be embarking on a single one. One of the issues was skill: although there was a range of projects for skill, most required a skill in carpentry and/or contracting that I do not possess. These projects can also require the space of a workshop or other large space for the cutting and assembly of materials, a space not present in small apartments or flats. Many of the projects were not aesthetically pleasing, and I do believe the creators had for more artistic skill than I do! I love my cat but I do not wish to make my home ugly or uninviting to humans for the sake of the animals - we need to live in harmony. In fact, a lot of the projects were cheap but looked so and made me worry for my cat's safety as materials such as cardboard or glue degrade (more permanent structures would be preferable for safety and environmental reasons).

While I will not be making any of these projects, the book did accomplish its goal: through the projects I learned of a cat's bahaviour and/or preference and gained inspiration for improvements of my own. I do not currently have the money or space for these projects, but I am keeping the book for guidance at a later time when we can have a home closer to our dreams.